Rainy Lake outflow reduced

The International Rainy Lake Board of Control yesterday authorized a reduction in the outflow from Rainy Lake.
This action will begin the process of gradually slowing the rate of decline in the level of the lake, which is expected to return back to within its IJC rule curve band within the next week.
It also will begin the process of a gradual and orderly decline in Rainy Lake outflow and downstream Rainy River levels.
The level of Rainy Lake yesterday morning was 337.90 m (1,108.6 ft.), down 66 cm (26.0 inches) from its peak of 338.56 m (1,110.77 ft.) on June 27.
It also was down three cm (1.2 inches) from Tuesday morning’s reading and continuing a downward trend.
The level of Rainy Lake has now declined to its “all gates open” level of 337.90 m (1108.6 ft.) and continues to decline, currently being 15 cm (5.9 inches) above its upper rule curve.
The IRLBC recommends property owners and users of the system continue to keep themselves updated on basin conditions for at least the next few weeks.
Up-to-date information can be found on Boise’s web site (lakes.bc.com) and on the Lake of the Woods Control Board site (www.lwcb.ca).
People also can call the board’s engineering advisors, Rick Walden (1-819-997-2529) or Ed Eaton (1-651-290-5617).