Program opens door to post-secondary education

Press Release

For some, the idea of going to college sounds scary. Not everyone knows what program to take or many feel overwhelmed at the idea of going back after a long time away.
The College Access program at Confederation College is designed to help students make a seamless entry in post-secondary education.
One such student on this important path is Candida Agnes Sinoway. Originally excited to go to college after earning her high school diploma, her plans changed when she found out she was going to be a mother.
“I decided to wait a few years and then go to college, but here I am nine years later and finally the time was right,” she noted.
“I took this program because it would give me an idea of what to expect during my college experience and to see what’s expected in classes.”
Sinoway already knows her next step following her graduation from the College Access program this spring–she plans on returning to Confederation to continue her post-secondary education.
“I want to study social work and become an addictions counsellor to give back to the community,” she noted.
“I know that I’ll benefit from the College Access program as I transition into the Social Service Worker program,” Sinoway added.
“I think that if I’d gone straight into it, I probably would have quit in the second week because it would have been too much for me,” she admitted.
“College Access has prepared me for this next big step.”
The program covers a wide array of topics to provide students with a taste of everything while helping them to develop the skills needed to succeed in a post-secondary environment.
“The program provides students with the opportunity to begin their post-secondary journey in a supportive, learner-centered environment,” said program co-ordinator Chris Pace.
“Our committed professors and small class sizes ensure students will learn the necessary skills to become better prepared for future college programs,” he noted.
Program graduate Tyarra Goodman said it was the right place for her to begin college to succeed in her post-secondary goals.
“[It] helped me transition from high school to college,” she explained. “It helped me get organized and encouraged me to keep going forward.
“I often tell people who don’t know what they want to take in college that they should enroll in College Access.”
Goodman currently is enrolled in the Native Child and Family Services program at Confederation and it has solidified her choice of career.
“I’ve really enjoyed working with youth and helping them find a voice,” she remarked.
“Through my program, I became involved with the Regional Multicultural Youth Centre and I’ve been helping indigenous students learn to cope when then arrive in the city from their home reserves.”
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