Paull wins WISSOTA Modified race

The pressure was high on the race track as the WISSOTA Modifieds desperately tried to get their feature race in before the rain started Saturday night at the Emo Speedway.
There were more cars on the track this past week, too, so starting up was a bit of an issue. The fans watched as the boys tried again and again to finish one lap around the track.
After they finally started for real, Gavin Paull took the lead and stayed there for a good portion of the race. Behind him, Jamie Davis, Jason Anderson, Jake Kamm, and Len Allen all battled for second.
Davis and Allen stayed with the lead pack until Allen was passed by Joey Galloway while Davis was cautioned and had to work his way back up to the front again.
Paull remained in first until a caution was waved and he was passed by Anderson when the race started up again. From then on, the race was a war for first between Paull, Kamm, Galloway, and Davis, who had managed to sneak his way in from the back.
All four cars were nose-to-nose for the last few laps of the race. Coming around the last turn, it was Paull in the lead, followed very closely by Galloway and Kamm right behind them in third.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds also had a good race considering they were rushing against the rain, too. Willy Thompson started the race in the lead—and finished it in front.
Despite a few cautions being called that gave the other drivers a chance to catch up, he kept his distance from the rest of the pack right up until the end.
Behind him, Ken Anderson, Anthony Visser, Kendal Gamsby, and Jori Hughes all fought over who was going to be second. However, they all were pushed aside as John Hettinga passed them to come right up behind Thompson.
In the end, it was Thompson in first, Hettinga second, and Hughes third.
The Street Stocks had an awesome race with only one caution being called. Jeff Wickstrom played follow the leader with the other boys for the entire race, not giving up first at all.
Behind him the order remained pretty constant. Matt Gamsby grabbed second on the second lap and remained there for the duration of the race.
Third was a bit of a toss-up between John Bosma and Gary Grimes, but in the end it was Bosma taking the bronze.
The heats went well, although the WISSOTA Modifieds had a little trouble getting their first one started. After a couple of tries, they finally got going and ended with Curtis Kamm in first, Joey Galloway second, and Len Allen third.
Heat two finished with Jamie Davis in first, Gavin Paull in second, and Gary Wilson third.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds heats also went well. Heat #1 had Anthony Visser in first, Thompson in second, and Ken Anderson third while Heat #2 ended with Jori Hughes in first, Ken Perry in second, and Loren Inman third.
The Street Stocks had two good heats with no cautions at all. Heat #1 ended with Jeff Wickstrom in first, John Bosma in second, and Simon Crans in third.
Heat #2 finished with Gary Grimes in first, Mat Gamsby in second, and Hays Huddleston third.
< *c>Summary
< *c>WISSOTA Modifieds
•Feature—1. Gavin Paull 2. Joey Galloway 3. Jake Kamm 4. Len Allen 5. Gary Wilson 6. John Hettinga 7. Jason Anderson 8. Ron Korpi 9. Brad Loveday 10. Jamie Davis 11. Curtis Kamm 12. Glen Strachan
•Heat #1—1. C. Kamm 2. Galloway 3. Allen 4. Loveday 5. Hettinga 6. Strachan 7. Trimble
•Heat #2—1. Davis 2. Paull 3. Wilson 4. J. Kamm 5. K. Anderson 6. J. Anderson 7. Korpi
< *c>Midwest Modifieds
•Feature—1. Willy Thompson 2. John Hettinga 3. Jori Hughes 4. Jeff Marshall 5. Loren Inman 6. Kendal Gamsby 7. Darren Haynes 8. Anthony Visser 9. Ken Perry 10. Tom Smart 11. Kenny Anderson
•Heat #1—1. Visser 2. Thompson 3. Anderson 4. Gamsby 5. Hettinga, 6. Trimble
•Heat #2—1. Hughes 2. Perry 3. Inman 4. Marshall 5. Westover 6. Smart
< *c>Street Stocks
•Feature—1. Jeff Wickstrom 2. Mat Gamsby 3. John Bosma 4. Chris Shine 5. Gary Grimes 6. Dean Martin 7. Simon Crans 8. Hays Huddleston
•Heat #1—1. Wickstrom 2. Bosma 3. Crans 4. Shine
•Heat #2—1. Grimes 2. Gamsby 3. Huddleston 4. Martin