In the Philippines, they’re called “lechon.” Hawaiians call them “luaow.” But here in Canada, people have a much simpler name for them. Pig roast. And none of this cutting the porkers up so they’re small enough to fit in the oven. No, a true pig roast involves the whole pig–either […]

Emo could have its first registered subdivision in a matter of days, ending a parade of red tape and paperwork for both the municipality and the developer. Reeve Brian Reid said the subdivision agreement for the Meadowlands subdivision is in its final stages, and could be signed and registered shortly. […]

Running a tourist lodge is no longer just a dream for long-time area residents Bill Godin and Nellie Halvorsen, the new owners and operators of “Lake Despair Lodge” at the end of Highway 613 north of Devlin. Formerly known as “Wickstrom’s Canadian Lodge,” a familiar area landmark for more than […]

Riverside Health Care Facilities Inc. should know next month whether it will be able to cash in on the Ministry of Health’s $2.7-billion restructuring fund for hospitals across Ontario. Riverside submitted an application for $600,000 operating cost (for severance, counselling, and retraining costs) and $5 million capital cost for upgrades […]

Does the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship have an impact on the local economy? The answer has been a resounding “yes”–and a positive one at that. Shirley Livingstone, a co-owner of Sunset Country Shell here, spent most of her mornings last week getting up early and making muffins for a […]

Renée Desbiens (Daw), Miss J.A. Electric, is 17 years old and entering grade 12 at Fort Frances High School. She plans on being a registered nurse. Living in Emo with her parents and brother, Ryan, she is bilingual in French and English, which will be handy in years to come. […]

When Susan Affleck of Rainy River first heard about the Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belarus, she realized what a difference it could make in a child’s life to receive all the health benefits just from visiting this beautiful area. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which occurred April 26, 1986, […]

It’s got to get worse before it gets better–that’s the motto Emo Reeve Brian Reid is taking with the road construction on Highway 11/71 between Barwick and Devlin. Motorists travelling west from Fort Frances will encounter stops, slow downs, and large sections of gravel road where asphalt used to be. […]