One new fire reported

the MNRF

One new fire was confirmed in Kenora District as of yesterday, although more fire reports were being investigated.
Kenora Fire #31 is located in the Maynard Lake area, about 85 km northeast of Kenora.
It currently is listed as “being held” at 0.2 hectares in size.
FireRangers are facing a long hose run of about 760 metres to bring water to the fire.
There currently are 17 active fires in the region, none of which are in Fort Frances District.
Most of the blazes are “being monitored” while those with FireRanger crews are reporting good progress.
The forest fire hazard is expected to be “moderate” across most the Northwest Region today, with some “low” areas south of Thunder Bay and some “high” areas in the Kenora and Red Lake districts.
Large fires in the western provinces and the territories, and in the northwest sectors of this region, may cause smoke to drift into Ontario.
For more information about the current fire situation and the active fires map, visit
The Northwest Region Fire Information Hotline (1-888-258-8842) is available for general information updates.
Report forest fires by calling 310-FIRE (3473).