Nestor Falls school council working hard

As adults and parents, we often pay lip service to the idea that our children–the upcoming generation–are our most precious resource.
Yet frequently, what transpires in the hours between entry on and exit from the old yellow school bus are (depending on how verbal our children are) a sort of mystery or time warp.
Some kids say almost nothing about the school day; others have tales that might leave you in disbelief. But what “Johnny” is saying might not be what his teacher was trying to get across at all.
How do we bridge the gap between the school day and home? One unique concept is the school council composed of parents, teachers, and others interested in quality education.
Nestor Falls, though one of the smallest schools in the district, is quite proud of its school council. Since its inception two years ago, it has been instrumental in organizing a hot lunch program and parent volunteers to help in the classroom along with other programs and events.
This year, Dalseg’s Foodtown has donated space to display the students’ work in their store. It also will have a community bulletin board providing spaces for businesses or individuals to rent for an annual fee of $25, with proceeds going to the school for special projects.
Shoppers have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what the children have been doing and have commented enthusiastically.
Nestor Falls School’s annual Christmas concert will be held Thursday, Dec. 17 at the United Church. The school council will be very happy to accept any donations of Christmas baking for everyone to enjoy after the concert.
Other events planned for this school year include a Christmas cheese sale (going on now), a community dinner served by children and parents around Valentine’s Day (tickets will be on sale early February), and taking on responsibility for the food served and organizing the children’s games at the Lions Club annual winter carnival March 6.
Wayne Helliar also has volunteered to hold a curling clinic for students. This will be a great opportunity for them to learn more about the sport.
If you are a curler and would like to help out, please get in touch with Helliar.
Small curling rocks also are needed so the younger children might participate. If anyone has any information as to where these might be purchased “reasonably,” please contact Helliar at 484-2542.
Members serving on the school council this year are Brenda Whalen (chair), Debbie Moate (secretary), Jerry O’Leary (principal), Sherri Allan (teacher), Sharon Kropelin (school secretary), Randi Haggberg, (student rep), Wayne Helliar, Cindy Krukoski, Sandy Drennan, and Sondra Clark.