‘Mining Matters’ set to run again

Heather Latter

Rainy River Resources once again is sponsoring the free seminar next month for youths and adults interested in learning more about mining and geology.
This year, however, it will be held at the Barwick Hall, along with an open house there.
Kyle Stanfield, the company’s vice-president of environment and sustainability, noted the open house will run Tuesday, July 30 from 6-8 p.m., with a “Mining Matters” session for adults running concurrently.
He encourages people to visit the open house or to take part in the workshop.
“We’re going to be showing a film about the [gold mine] project that we had produced in Vancouver,” Stanfield explained.
“It’s going to tell the story of the project and what the project is going to look like in a 3-D model, as well as what it’s going to look like one day in the future when it’s closed.”
Stanfield also said a number of staff will be on hand to outline the project design and the environmental assessment.
The “Mining Matters” program, meanwhile, will be running for adults to learn more about the mining industry and minerals.
“We’re going to have some educators up from Toronto that work with the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada to help people understand the importance of minerals in our everyday life,” Stanfield noted.
He added adults don’t need to register to participate in the program, noting they can stay for the full two hours or catch a portion of it while they stop by the open house.
The “Mining Matters” program then will run again at the Barwick Hall the following day (July 31) from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., but it will be for youth aged nine-15.
Participants are asked to register for this session, with lunch to be provided.
“It will be a day of youth-focused educational programs about mining, about opportunities in mining, how does it work in terms of job opportunities, mineral exploration, and mining itself,” Stanfield explained.
“It will be very similar to what was run the previous two years, but it will be a little more focused on the mining side this year given that we’re just 13 months away from construction,” he noted.
Then the third day of the program will be a day-long visit to the Rainy River Gold Project site in Blackhawk on Aug. 1.
Transportation and lunch will be provided, and there is no cost to attend.
“[It will be] for any of the adults who attended the session or are interested in coming to the site, along with the children who attended the previous day,” Stanfield said, noting they will leave from the Barwick Hall.
“They’ll get a full tour of the facility,” he remarked. “They’ll see the geologists logging core.
“They’ll be able to see some gold, see a drill rig in operation, and [learn] a little bit more about what goes on on the ground in an advanced stage exploration project.”
Stanfield said the open house and “Mining Matters” program will teach local residents a lot about mining and minerals.
“I think it will be useful for people to see the big perspective of mining in Canada and why it is an important industry,” he reasoned, adding this is the third year hosting the “Mining Matters” program in the district.
“It’s gone over extremely well in the past,” Stanfield enthused. “It’s probably one of the bigger camps they do in Ontario.
‘We’re pretty excited to do it again and we’re looking forward to dovetailing it together with the draft Environmental Assessment report we’re completed.”
Stanfield added the draft Environmental Assessment report will be available later this week online and at the library for people to view.
“It’s a voluntary draft that we, as a company, volunteered to make available as a draft for comment,” he explained, noting people should check it out and become familiar with it.
“It shows what the project is all about,” he said.
For more information about the “Mining Matters” program or to register, visit www.rainyriverresources.com or call 482-2501.