Mining company exploring district

Sam Odrowski

Crystal Lake Mining Corp. is in the early exploration stages of searching for minerals here in Rainy River District.
The company has started an aggressive 2018 exploration program–in search of nickel, cobalt, and copper–at its properties located 35 km east of New Gold’s Rainy River project north of Barwick.
Crystal Lake Mining Corp. recently hired CCG Canada Services Ltd. to run electromagnetic surveys with low-flying helicopters to determine if any of their targeted areas had a significant concentrations of minerals.
The surveys are now complete and the results will be analyzed by a local geologist in the coming weeks.
Company CEO Richard Savage said the surveys use a radar system to collect data, which helps to determine if there is a potential discovery to be made.
The company owns properties across the district, where it has drilled to determine if mining projects are feasible.
In late 2015, Crystal Lake Mining Corp. drilled a total of 1,860 metres in 10 holes. One of the holes confirmed that high-grade nickel-copper shoots exist and have higher concentrations then previously recorded.
The company has shown significant interest in Rainy River District, having spent close to $1 million in assessing if mining operations are viable in the area.
The exploration is ongoing, with the company unsure of how long it will remain in this phase of the project.
If mining operations do commence, Crystal Lake Mining Corp. indicated it would be hiring locally, starting with First Nations communities.
“We are always going to be hiring locals first, with our preference for the First Nations,” said COO Wally Boguski.
“We want to make sure the First Nations understand everything that is explained to them,” he noted.
“And ultimately if there’s lots of jobs there, we go to them first, help them, and expand out from there to all the communities.”
The company’s plans moving forward are to continue exploring the area to see if it can find any significant discoveries.