Measurement Month: NPI Collaborating to collect data across Northern Ontario

From the Northern Policy Institute
Press release

Northern Policy Institute, in partnership with organizations across Northern Ontario, is launching its third annual Measurement Month. Measurement Month is an effort to collect consistent, comparable data to inform decision-making at the local, regional, provincial, and national level for Northern Ontario, by collecting data through online surveys.

Four surveys will be available online. Respondents will have an opportunity to win one of twelve $50 gift cards for answering one of these surveys. Given the demographic challenges facing our regions, some of the themes that this Measurement Month will focus on include racism, reconciliation, welcoming, and individual well-being.

The surveys will be open from February 1 to 22, 2024.

2024 Measurement Month Surveys

Employer Survey

  • Measuring and assessing the ability of employers to meet the unique needs of immigrants and diverse groups.
  • Eligible respondents: Organizations/businesses in any industry that have at least one employee.
  • The survey can be taken at:

Individual Well-Being Survey

  • Measuring and assessing various dimensions of individual well-being in Northern Ontario communities.
  • Eligible respondents: All individuals in Northern Ontario.
  • The survey can be taken at:

New Arrival Survey

  • Measuring and assessing the experiences of individuals who recently moved to a Northern Ontario community.
  • Eligible respondents: Individuals who have moved to a Northern Ontario community within the past five years (including those who moved from elsewhere in Northern Ontario).
  • The survey can be taken at:

Experiences with Racism Survey

  • Measuring and assessing individual experiences and perceptions of racism in Northern Ontario communities.
  • Eligible respondents: All individuals in Northern Ontario.
  • The survey can be taken at:

The results of these surveys will be generalized in reports published by Northern Policy Institute and other survey partners. No personal identification will be revealed. As well, anonymous groupings of the data collected will be shared, on request, with the survey partner organizations, policymakers, and program delivery agencies across Northern Ontario.

Organizations that would like to promote or distribute a survey can contact

About Northern Policy Institute:

Northern Policy Institute is Northern Ontario’s independent, evidence-driven think tank. We perform research, analyze data, and disseminate ideas. Our mission is to enhance Northern Ontario’s capacity to take the lead position on socio-economic policy that impacts our communities, our province, our country, and our world. We believe in partnership, reconciliation, collaboration, communication, and cooperation. Our team seeks to do inclusive research that involves broad engagement and delivers recommendations for specific, measurable action. Our success depends on our partnerships with other entities present in or passionate about Northern Ontario.