Martin making music at summer camp

“It was a decision I had to make,” remarked Renée Martin, who recently had to decide whether to keep on working at Emo CIBC or teaching music.
She chose the latter. “You do either one or the other,” noted Martin.
They both require full-time attention, and since she loved music, and it is centered around working with choirs and individuals singing, it was the right move, reasoned Martin, was employed at CIBC for four years as customer service personnel.
And she’s already busy. For the past week and a half, Martin has been running a music camp working out of the Legion in Emo with 22 participants registered.
It runs from 10 a.m-4 p.m. and concludes Friday with a concert at 5 p.m. at the Legion hall.
Martin also is teaching singing, with Erin Bree Pierce teaching drama/singing and Chantelle Spuzak (nee Johnson), owner operator of Dancemakers & Beauty Essentials in Fort Frances, teaching dance.
The program involves rhythm exercises, followed by dancing skills to improve students abilities to move about freely.
The past three years, Martin had directed the Centennial Choir, and has had a class to train children in voice, play the piano, and pretty much anything else connected with music.