Local farmers turn out for ‘Ag Days’

Sam Odrowski

A group of farmers turned out to the Emo Legion on Friday to learn about agricultural plastics, mental health for farmers, riverbank restoration, tile drainage, and Agricorp Insurance.
The event was called “Ag Days” and was hosted by the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture.
Co-organizer Trish Neilson said she found the event to be a great success.
She personally enjoyed the “If There’s a Willow There’s a Way” presentation pertaining to bioengineering riverbank restoration.
Neilson also found the mental health presentation to be informative and engaging for those who attended the event.
Precision Land Solutions was on hand to speak about tile drainage and Neilson was appreciative that they came and introduced themselves, noting they seem eager to be in the district.
The agricultural plastics presentations by CleanFarms and Envision, meanwhile, made Nielson think twice about what she does with plastics on her own farm.
“It made me think about some of the little things I could be doing with my plastic waste on the farm,” she noted.
The presentation taught attendees about the environmental dangers of burning agricultural plastics or letting them accumulate in a landfill.
A soup-and-sandwich lunch also was enjoyed by those who attended.
The RRFA was happy to be able to bring farmers together for a day of light educational programming.
It hopes to host a similar event in the fall to get farmers back together and thinking about the important issues facing their industry.