Local 4-H members chosen for exchange

FORT FRACNES—Ten local 4-H members will be heading to Central Hampstead in New Brunswick this summer after they were selected to take part in a Canadian exchange.
The youths, ranging in age from 13-17, will head east at the end of June for a week. Then their counterparts will visit Rainy River District at the beginning of August.
“We’ve done it here a few times in our area,” noted local 4-H leader Tracy Hyatt. “It’s been a few years since we’ve done one, though. The last one was to Quebec.”
She explained the program is organized through Canadian 4-H, in conjunction with Connections Canada.
“It’s kind of to give the kids a little bit better idea of the geographic nature of our country and give them a little bit experience travelling,” Hyatt noted, adding they will learn about a different way of life.
The first 10 youth who showed interest in the exchange were chosen to participate, with Hyatt noting there’s a mix from across the district, including Stratton and Devlin.
None of the youngsters were involved in the exchange before and are looking forward to the opportunity.
“We had to put in an application by Feb. 2 and we were lucky enough to get selected,” said Hyatt, noting just 30 groups—that’s 15 exchanges—will take place in Canada though this organization this year.
“We also had to write up an agenda of what we are going to do with the kids here,” she remarked. “If it was going to be educational or if we would provide a history of our community—what we wanted to show the kids while they were here.”
Hyatt figured the organization selects the 4-H clubs by what the local communities have to offer. “So we must have something good to offer,” she reasoned.
The local 4-H members hope to provide their New Brunswick visitors with a tour of the Abitibi-Consolidated mill in Fort Frances, a visit to the Manitou Mounds, a camping experience, and the chance to help prepare for the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society’s annual fall fair in Emo.
But they have no idea, as of yet, what they will be doing when they get to New Brunswick.
Hyatt noted the local club is expected to pay for the activities when their exchange partners are here, so they likely will be doing some fundraising to help with that.
“It will be a lot of fun for them and a really great experience for them,” she enthused.