Josh Colling resigns as rural fire chief

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

Josh Colling has been the LaVallee/Alberton/Chapple/Emo Fire Chief for close to five years.
He has enjoyed his position immensely working with the local volunteer firefighters.
Josh and his girlfriend Chandra Wiley, made their home in Devlin, even though she has had to remain in the USA due to her career and COVID-19. Josh originally made his home in Ripley Ontario (near Goodrich)
Josh will remain as a volunteer on our local fire department even though he has made a career change.
Starting June 29. Josh took on the title as Operations Manager NorthWest / NFPP. Field Advisory Services Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Province of Ontario. There are only three people that fill this role in Ontario and northwestern Ontario has not had this role filled in many years.
Josh’s position will include:
– Plan and direct day to day programs and activities for efficient and effective fire protection services
– Lead implementation of strategies to support municipalities, fire services, other ministries and stake holders in developing, approving or enhancing fire protection services related plans and programs.
– Identify and manage contentious issues at the regional and local level to provide intelligence in support of strategic initiatives program development and evaluation.
– Manage compliance activities, including inspections and enforcement activities.
– Provide expertise and advice to staff and stakeholders regarding the interpretation of legislation and policy and their application.
It’s easy to see these requirements are pretty big shoes to fill. But In getting to know Josh over the last few months I’m sure he’s the man for the job.
Our community (along with Alberton, Chapple and Emo) wishes you all the best in your new role), and happy you’ve decided there’s “no better place than the Rainy River District to make your home.”
The Emo Spray Park is open for youth to enjoy. With our extreme heat it just might be a cool place for adults to cool off too.
Congratulations Rob Rea and Chelsey Walske in the purchase of a new home in our community. The couple recently purchased Cole Benjamin’s home.
May you enjoy many happy years here.
Sympathy to Grant Watson and his family in the passing of his sister Doris. Doris passed after a short illness of cancer. It was a cancer that had reoccurrences. Doris lived in Winnipeg. Our community is thinking of the sadness this brings to the entire family.

Robin’s 2 cents

OK people we made it through Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day ,Father’s Day, and Canada Day!
I say this week we buy a pumpkin, eat some candy corn, carve a turkey,put up the Christmas tree and get the heck out of 2020!