Growing up in Stratton

Micaela Jolicouer1

Micaela Jolicouer

Stratton, the little town with a huge personality. As the old slogan goes, “You’ll have a hoot in Hooterville”. I’ve lived in Stratton my whole life, and the community has shaped me greatly. From the league night curlers, to the coffee crowd at the café, I consider all of them my friends. My family is always involved in the local events where we enjoy volunteering and helping out. I always look forward to these annual events, such as the fishing derby, pie run, fall supper, league night curling, bonspiels and the family day celebrations. Seeing all the members of the community come out and support the local events really makes me happy. Getting to grow up in Stratton I have realized just how lucky I am. It’s always been a privilege growing up in such a safe community where you know everybody by name and know who’s driving by, just by their vehicles. We only have a few small businesses and shops, but we still thrive as the members of our community always support them and each other. We may be just a little community, but at the end of the day we’ve got a big heart. I’ll forever be grateful for this town, the community members and what they have taught me. It has given me such an understanding and appreciation for people of all walks of life that I don’t think I would have received it if I had lived in a larger town.
Micaela Jolicouer
Emo Fair Queen Contestant
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