Gospel music and social distancing

Jack Elliott
Rainy River correspondent

When it comes to Gospel Music, few are more steadfast than Willie and Rodi Longnecker. And while Social Distancing may have curbed their ability to hold their long time Gospel singing gatherings, it certainly has not silenced them. . . just detoured them a little on their journey.
The Longneckers, originally from Pennsylvania, settled up by Morson on Lake of the Woods back in 1969. They raised their family there and have been touring and singing across the District, the country and North America ever since. These past years, they reduced their touring, and now spend their winters in the Town of Rainy River, but will be heading back out to continue their summer love affair with the Lake as spring unfolds.
Earlier this winter, Willie was telling me about a community Gospel Sing featuring their new DVD, Peace in the Valley. They had planned it for Rainy River, but then along came COVID-19 and social distancing.
What to do?
Put it online and give it away!
Their website, http://graceagain.org/ features all of the DVDs the Longneckers have produced over the past years plus the added benefit of being able to play and download for free, this latest production of Peace in the Valley. The music is accompanied by some stunning photos of local scenery, friends and family. And like most of their productions, the lyrics are shown as they play so you can sing right along.
So don’t let social distancing silence you. The Longneckers didn’t. They are in tune and in full voice.