Funds needed for RRHS courtyard

Jack Elliott

The rebuilding of the courtyard at Rainy River High School is a primary focus of the school council this year—the goal of which is to enhance the usability of this oasis.
Since the construction of RRHS in the 1960s, very little has been done to update the courtyard.
Last year, efforts were initiated by the RRHS council to completely rehabilitate this area and make it a central social focus of the school for the students, staff, and community.
Initial landscaping efforts have expanded to include a complete redesign of the area. For instance, students designed and constructed a number of attractive benches for use in the courtyard.
The next phase of the project will remove the existing weathered and cracked concrete, replacing it with landscaping brickwork, as well as the addition of access doors from the library and staff rooms.
Plantings of trees and other appropriate vegetation also is planned.
The total cost of this phase is estimate at $11,000-$13,000 with much of it coming from donated labour and supplies, said RRHS council chair Peggy Advent. But, she added, it still will take considerable cash to complete the project.
Budget and funding cuts at the Rainy River District School Board means no funds are available at this time from the board, so other means of paying the bills are being explored.
A fundraising kick-off breakfast is slated for Friday, Dec. 5 in the multi-purpose room just inside the office entrance of RRHS. Contributions of $50 or more will receive a tax-deductible receipt issued by the school board office.
Local businesses, meanwhile, generously have agreed to the placement of donation containers. These “buckets of cash” will be tallied monthly and the public kept abreast of fundraising efforts.
Improving the learning environment for our students, and engendering pride in our school and community, are just a couple of the benefits Advent sees in this courtyard rebuilding.
“It’s your opportunity to give back a little bit to the community that provided you with your education,” she remarked. “We need your help.”
The RRHS council meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the multi-purpose room. All interested parents and community members are encouraged to participate.
Get more info by calling the RRHS at 852-3284.