Fire sends emergency services to action

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

The Emo Station Fire and Emergency Service responded to a structure fire at 5:50 p.m. on Sunday May 24th. This was at a residential property in Emo Township. Chapple South and Lavallee Station responded immediately as well as a 3rd alarm incident level on activation due to reports of people trapped. Alberton and Chapple North station shifted as per the mutual aid system to provide stand-by coverage for any further incidents.
Josh Collins, fire chief for rural areas, said he would like to commend the swift action of nearby neighbours and arriving Paramedics. Upon arrival, firefighters went into fast-attack mode, quickly bringing the incident under control. The incident was terminated by 8:40 p.m.
The home’s occupants are uninjured and the general public was never at immediate risk. The Rainy River District Paramedics Services remained on location for the safety of the responders. The OPP and Hydro One also provided assistances during this incident. Collins said that while barbecues are very enjoyable cooking appliances, they must be well maintained and used appropriately. Collins said there are three steps to follow during the barbecue season.
1. CLEAN – use a pipe cleaner or wire to ensure burner parts are free of dust dirt, spider webs and other debris.
2.-CHECK- Examine the hose leading from tank to the burners, replace if it is cracked or damaged.
3. TEST- Find leaks by applying 50/50 solution of water and dish soap to propane cylinder connections and hoses. If bubbles appear, tighten the connections and/or replace the damaged parts and retest.
Another seasonal safety issue is keeping our homes free from attracting bears. There have been several bear siting in the rural area. In order to keep your property “ bear free”, be sure to take garbage to dump frequently and keep barbecues and any other things are attract bears clean.
Sympathy to the family and friends of Hilke Wieringa, he passed May 11. A long time resident of Emo. He will be sadly missed by many. Your friend and family are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers at this sad time.
A happy 25th birthday to Shelby Rae whose birthday was May 25th. She was honoured with a drive-by birthday tribute. This event was a complete surprise as family and friends drove by with decorated vehicles, honked horns and dropped off cards and gifts. Proof that fun and celebrations still exists despite COVID-19.

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