Fire crews still battling large blazes across region

There are 117 active fires in the northwest region. 17 fires were not under control, 1 fire was being held, 12 fires were under control and 87 fires were being monitored.

Notice to Airmen. It is unlawful to operate any aircraft over a forestfire or within 10km of a wildland fire at an altitude of less than 3,000 ft. AGL.

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Fires of Note 

Kenora 51

  • Fire is not under control and is 198,884 hectares.
  • The southeast point of Kenora 51 remains 20 km north of Wabaseemoong and on the northern side of Umfreville Lake.
  • The western side of Kenora 51 is approximately 4km east of Davidson Lake. Winds are directing the fire to the north.
  • Forecast weather conditions indicate intensifying fire activity with intermittent crowning, but south easterly winds should support firefighters.
  • Helicopters with buckets and water bombing airplanes are suppressing the fire around Davidson Lake near the Manitoba border.
  • Firefighters deployed hose lines to directly attack the fire edge at strategic pinch points and mop up around properties.  
  • Bulldozers are being used to construct fire guard.
  • Fire Rangers are working to protect community values and critical infrastructure around the fire area.
  • An Incident Management Team is established on the fire.

Red Lake 65    

  • The fire is 19,796 hectares and located 6 kilometres west of Poplar Hill First Nation.   
  • Crews continue laying and working hose lines on strategic areas of the fires. Heli-buckets continue to assist where needed. 
  • Fire behaviour is smouldering with some visible smoke
  • Crews onsite to monitor the values protection equipment, and to look for opportunities to action any hot spots.

Red Lake 51    

  • The fire is 52,106 hectares and located approximately 24 kilometres west of Deer Lake First Nation.   
  • Priorities are focused on protection of Deer Lake First Nation.   
  • Crews are working hose lines along the east side of the fire.   
  • Fire behaviour is smouldering with some visible smoke.
  • An Incident Management Team has been assigned to oversee this fire.   

Red Lake 77    

  • The fire is not under control and has been remapped to 27,899 ha, approximately 33 km west of Red Lake.  
  • Fire behaviour is smouldering with some open flame observed.
  • Crews continue to establish hose lines working on the north east flank of the fire while Heli-buckets assisted with hot spots.
  • Fireguard continues to be built east of the fire.