Fire burning north of Barwick


Northwestern Ontario continues to see new fires occurring daily, with six new blazes confirmed, including one about 15 km north of Barwick.
Fort Frances District Fire #9 is a 2.0-hectare blaze burning in a mixture of bush and grasses.
It currently is classified as “not under control.”
Meanwhile, three fires were reported in Kenora District, along with one in Red Lake District and one in Dryden District.
There is a total of 12 active fires in the region.
The forest fire hazard remains “high to extreme” for the entire area of Northwestern Ontario.
The Ministry of Natural Resources is asking people to exercise caution when dealing with fires or outdoors activities that may cause fires.
The public is reminded that burning brush or grass for clean up around your homes, can be dangerous.
Just one careless moment can lead to a wildfire and threaten people, houses, and even your community.
Be careful with all fires, and if it’s windy—don’t burn!
Under The Forest Fires Prevention Act, charges can be laid against anyone lighting grass or brush fires during the day.
Grass and brush fires must not be lit no sooner than two hours before sunset and they have to be extinguished no later than two hours after sunrise.
Check with your local fire officials before burning.
The public can report forest fires across Ontario by calling toll-free 310-FIRE (3473).
A reminder that this phone number does not work with out-of-province cellphones or satellite phones, in which case call your local fire department.
When you call to report a forest fire, use the exact location of where the fire is, the condition of the fire, what is the fuel type (i.e., grass, conifer brush, deciduous forest, etc.), and the approximate size of the fire.
Don’t wait until it’s too late—report a forest fire!
For further forest fire prevention information, visit