Explorers 2.0 go hiking in Nestor Falls

By Olivia Seguin

On Friday July 8, 2022 our 4-H Explorers group gathered in Nestor Falls at the Tourist Information for our meeting. In attendance were Jessica Teeple, Emily Romyn, Sydney Romyn, Georgia Romyn, Melaina Olson, Mason Teeple, Jameson Teeple and Olivia Seguin along with our Leaders Melinda Romyn, Krista Olson and guest Leader Amy Teeple. As usual we started off the meeting with our 4-H pledge and our roll call question, which was, “What would we like to see the most when on a walk in the woods? In a field? In a wetland?” We discussed what some common items we might want or need to bring or wear on a hike such as water, bug spray, food, proper shoes, and appropriate clothing. We also learned about different types of maps that could be used like the political, physical, topographic, road and trail map which is what we used to try make our way through the Boreal Trail. We talked about how to use a compass, reviewed some basic rules of trail walking, trail markings and green wildlife. We then got to go on a hike which took us 2.5 hours to make our way 6.4 km around the trail and back out where we started. The meeting was adjourned by our Vice President Sydney. Then most of us finished the day with a snack and a swim at Bass Lake Park to cool off after a long hot day of walking in nature.

The 4-H Explorers 2.0 Club recently hit the Boreal Trail near Nestor Falls to learn about maps, hiking preparation and compass reading. They finished it off with a swim at Bass Lake Park. —Submitted photo