Emo Fair subject to restrictions

By Natali Trivuncic
Staff Writer

James Gibson, president of the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society (RRVAS), said he is optimistic about the Emo Fair’s future this summer.

One of the attractions Gibson said he is hoping to have is the 4-H program. A representative from the program said it can only run if 4-H Ontario allows it.

There are rules and safety protocols that they must follow in order to have a 4-H sanctioned event and at this time, they do not know what the situation will be like come August.

The representative said they are planning for the best-case scenario at this point but the event at the fair will come down to the provincial restrictions.

Gibson said they are still figuring out what they can and cannot do as the Emo Fair is a large attraction and garners attendees from all over the district. He adds that vaccination rates in the region gives them some hope as to the number of people that will be able to come through the fair.

“Especially for the 4-H children that work with their animals all summer. They train them and feed them all year and then if you don’t have it, where you can have a good audience, it’s kind of a letdown,” Gibson said.

Gibson said it will take some time to get all the details sorted out.

“That being said, everybody’s been locked down, everybody’s scrambling for something to do so they don’t have much else for entertainment,” Gibson said.