Emergency Planning has commenced in Treaty 3

Press Release

As a result of developed relationships and numerous conversations with Indigenous Services Canada and with direction from Treaty #3 Leadership, the Emergency Planning Initiative of Grand Council Treaty #3 and the Territorial Planning Unit has commenced in the Treaty #3 Territory.

Many Communities have completed Emergency and Pandemic Plans in preparation for COVID-19 and this initiative will look to provide further support to those plans and coordinate nation based plans and partnerships.

Three Emergency Planning Coordinators have been hired by Grand Council Treaty #3 to provide support for communities in any capacity necessary such as plan development, updates, or coordination of plans already in place. Coordinators are working with community members by providing templates and assistance to coordinate and develop plans across the Nation. Currently, this is being done through teleconferences to complete documents and walk through plans. Future gatherings and training will take place once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and we can ensure the health and safety of all participants.

Grand Council Treaty #3 has developed base templates with appendices that allow for existing plans to be incorporated into the Treaty #3 Emergency Plan and Guide.

The goal is to provide a master file that can incorporate and keep all documents together, for easy access when needed. Preparations have begun for other Emergency Plans such as flood, fires and other crises, that have been identified by communities.