DYS gearing up for Christmas concert

December has been a very busy month, with classes preparing for the annual Christmas concert coming up Thursday, Dec. 19 at 7 p.m., noted Donald Young School principal Lucinda Meyers.
Mrs. Mose and Mrs. Loney have been singing Christmas carols on Tuesdays and Thursdays with interested students. The response has been great and their voices sound wonderful.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Esselink has been quite busy with a group of girls from Grades 5-8 who are making quilts. The girls have been very enthusiastic and several are working on a second quilt at home.
DYS is now the home of the Crazy Quilters Quilting Club, which Mrs. Esselink formed as part of the Balanced Day which is being run at the school this year.
Club members include Jessie Baker, Heidi Emond, Kailey Curtis, Taylor Meyers, Tera Boutcher, Sarah Hoskins, Robyn Gurniak, Jenifer Shaw, Kazia Nault, Tegan Kaemingh, Kerrilynn Esselink, Rachel Hettinga, and Rosalie Loney.
“The girls made tied quilts, which did not involve any sewing,” noted Mrs. Esselink. “The quilts made from fleece turned out beautiful and kept the girls busy during the nutrition breaks.”
In other news, parents are reminded to tell their children to use the crosswalk when they are coming to school in the morning and returning home in the afternoon.
The crossing guard is there to ensure the safety of the students but parental co-operation also is needed.
Meanwhile, students in Grades 7/8 thank parents for their support and supplying the baking for the bake sale during Portfolio Night. It was a great success, with the project earning about $270.
Special thanks is extended to Francis Grant, who organized and operated the bake sale, as well as to Carrie Baker and Baker Graphics for helping the students make their school T-shirts.
The staff at DYS would like to wish everyone all the joys of the Christmas season. Have a safe and happy holiday!