Drivers must stay focused: OPP

From the OPP

With spring coming in a few weeks, the OPP is reminding drivers to stay focused on the task of driving!
Distracted driving is of particular concern to the OPP as distraction-related collisions in its jurisdiction continue to rise.
But everyone travelling on roads and highways should be equally concerned about this alarming trend.
Zero tolerance is the expected response when officers observe drivers who fail to stop for school buses when their red lights are flashing and those who continue to talk and/or text on their cellular devices.
You must stop whenever you approach a stopped school bus with its upper alternating red lights flashing, regardless of whether you are behind the bus or approaching it from the front.
It is illegal to fail to stop for a stopped school bus that has its red lights flashing.
If you don’t stop, you can be fined $400-$2,000 and get six demerit points for a first offence.
If you are convicted a second time within five years, the penalty is a fine of $1,000-$4,000 and six demerit points.