Downburst hits McTavish Road

Robin McCormick

A downburst, also known as a windburst, hit the home of Allan McTavish and Lorraine Gosselin back on August 9. 
A downburst is a strong ground level wind system that emanates from a point source above, and blows radically in straight lines in all directions, from the point it contacts the ground. 
That’s exactly what Allan McTavish experiences in August 9. Allan was working in his garage and Lorraine was away at the time. 
All of a sudden, Allan heard the wind come up and equally as fast, the wind started taking down trees. He could hear the snapping and tearing of about eight trees. Many of the trees were huge in size – some as large as six feet across. Most were old in age and rotting, making it easy for the wind to demolished them. 
Once Allan realized extreme weather conditions had hit his property, he found the safest spot he could on the far side of his garage. 
Thankfully there was no damage done to their home - the yard is covered with trees and branches. 
But when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and that’s exactly what Allan, Lorraine and their families will be doing this weekend. They will be having a family gathering to clean up the debris, enjoy a meal and maybe even a beer or glass of wine. 
Sympathy to the Steve and Velina Kennett family. Charla Girouard's (Kennett) husband passed away August 14. Jonathan was born with a liver disease and has been affected his entire life with it. Sadly, he had plans to go to Montreal in the near future to set up for a liver transplant. 
Although only 38 years old Johnathan and Charla had many happy times together as did all the Kennett family when they were together. 
Our community sends the entire family deep condolences at this sad time. 
Also sympathy to the family and friends of Grace Neilson (Hyatt). Grace passed August 10. Thinking of all the Neilsons and Hyatts at this time. Grace was one of the 12 Hyatts with only Sylvia Beadle and Fred still living. 
Get well wishes for a speedy recovery to Len McCormick. He underwent surgery in Winnipeg last week. Ken has been diagnosed with a stomach aneurism. The surgery went well and he returned home Sunday.
Our community wishes John Craig a speedy recovery. John recently had shoulder surgery done, but sadly suffered a stroke a short time later. 
Happy to say he’s home and doing exceptionally well. Congratulations to Jake and Malana Rea who were wed Saturday August 22. Jake is the son of Danny and Tracey Rea and Malana’s parents are Greg and Shelly Chaput. Along with happy parents attending were Nanna Arlene Rea and grandparents Jerry and Diana Mayes. 
Our community wishes you many years of happiness. 
Nicole Beadle and Erik Olson are the happy owners of a new home. They recently purchase Sharon Trimble’s home. 
Sharon will be relocating to southern Ontario. 
We wish both Sharon, Erik, Nicole and their daughter Cora all the best in their new locations. 

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WOW with construction work being done on local highways in our area I think these words suit the situation: