District singer up for award


Sunday Wilde, a blues singer from Atikokan, has received her second international nomination—this time in Germany for Best Acoustic Blues Album of the Year.
“This has been one crazy, exciting year for me,” enthused Wilde, noting she’s been nominated among great artists such as Rory Block and Ray Bonneville.
People are encouraged to vote for the album of the year by visiting http://wasser-prawda.de/
But Wilde warned the site is in German, so people will have to use the translator tool at the top right of the page.
Everyone can vote up to three times.
The 42-year-old mom from Atikokan, who only began singing five years ago, is thrilled her music career is taking off.
She has said she’s just a small-town girl working hard to share her music with the world.
Earlier this year, her song “That Man Drives Me Mad,” from her last album, won the Voters Choice Award for Best Blues Song of the Year at the Independent Music Awards.
“Even as a nominee, it was exciting,” she had noted back in July.
“Then to win, it means a lot because it means people were voting.”
Wilde also has received another songwriting grant from the Ontario Arts Council to help her continue writing music.
“[It’s] for a special woodshedding project over the winter, so I will be busy writing,” she explained, noting she is planning an upcoming album this spring and then a tour in the summer.
For those who haven’t had a chance to listen to her music, it’s available on itunes, cdbaby, amazon, spotify, and more.
Wilde also recently signed up with the Rifewith Talent Agency.
As well, people can check out the brand new website launched at www.sundaywilde.com
“There are people that think I want to get rich and famous, but it’s not like that,” Wilde stressed.
“When you are pouring out your soul, you are trying to share something with other people,” she noted.
“It’s about reaching another person and that’s the most important thing that a writer can do.
“If you reach one person, then you are doing what you are supposed to do,” she reasoned.