Devlin Beef Club report

Marlee Bliss
4-H correspondent

The second meeting of the 4-H Devlin Beef Club was called to order at 7:30 pm June 15, at Louis and Aaron Bujold’s garage. We started the meeting by reviewing the agenda and handing out papers that go towards the books. We recited the 4-H pledge at the start of our meeting and went over this week’s agenda.

Next, we went over this year’s data and feed sheets. First, we went over the steer data and feed sheets and then the heifer ones. We reviewed them slowly so everyone could understand. Then we presented our homework to show that we completed it. The homework was to finish your Me page, complete your book front cover and, do a video on the attributes of your heifer or steer, so you explain what you like and one thing you would change about him or her. Though this week we have a new project to do for homework, we had to make a video of our animal and pretend that we were selling them. We also discussed how the steer sale and our 4-H shows would happen this year.

After we reviewed the feed and data sheets and presented our homework, Aaron, Tayah and Lauryn took us out to the barn and showed us their steers. We were also lucky to see a cute new batch of chickens and 4-day-year-old kittens that joined their farm. Afterward, Sherri Bujold served us with refreshments and cookies! At the end of the meeting, we chose a date for the next meeting!