Confederation College and Lakehead University Collaborate on Two In- Demand Health Care Pathways

Press release

Confederation College and Lakehead University have signed an agreement that allows students who complete an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology or Bachelor of Kinesiology degree to receive advanced standing in the college’s Paramedic or Medical Radiation Technology diploma programs.

Shane Strickland, Dean of Health, Negahneewin, and Community Services at Confederation College, emphasized the strategic design of the Paramedic program to address the immediate needs of Northwestern Ontario. “This program not only meets the urgent demand for paramedics in the region but also incorporates vital field experience, allowing students to gain hands-on learning in real medical situations,” said Strickland. Highlighting the program’s significance, Strickland noted that it is recognized as a priority by the Government of Ontario, with students eligible for the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant, which covers the cost of tuition and books for students who commit to serving in the region post-graduation.

The Medical Radiation Technology program, similarly, stands out with its Accreditation Canada seal of approval, preparing students for the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) certification exam. Successful graduates find rewarding careers in diagnostic imaging across hospitals, clinics, and various medical seZngs. “Our programs are meticulously designed to ensure graduates are not just qualified but are ready to excel in their professional roles,” Strickland added.

Lakehead University kinesiology graduates will be well-positioned to seek a career in both health program areas.

Lakehead University’s Associate Vice-Provost (Academic), Dr. Michel Beaulieu, highlighted the mutual benefits of this agreement. “This partnership not only acknowledges the value of prior learning, optimizing health care education pathways, it also actively reduces barriers to student mobility within Northwestern Ontario.”

Echoing the sentiment, Dr. Ian Newhouse, Director of Lakehead University’s School of Kinesiology, pointed out the versatility of kinesiology graduates.

“Our graduates are discovering that their skills are immensely beneficial in various health care roles,” he explained. “This collaboration with Confederation College opens doors for them to further their careers in meaningful ways.”

Aaron Skillen, Vice President Academic at Confederation College, elaborated on the synergy between the two institutions. “This initiative is part of Confederation College’s ongoing commitment to innovating educational pathways in collaboration with partners like Lakehead University. Together, they aim to equip students with practical skills and knowledge, preparing them for the dynamic world of work in Northwestern Ontario and beyond.”

Skillen also added that the pathways offer an especially good fit for students. “We have observed that students with a kinesiology degree transition smoothly into these programs, as they come equipped with a robust foundation of knowledge. This agreement formally recognizes their prior learning, streamlining their educational journey by reducing the number of courses they need to undertake with us.”

Students interested in learning more about this pathway can visit the Confederation College website