Company updates district mining project

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In continuing with the process for its Rainy River Gold Project, Rainy River Resources held open houses in Barwick and Rainy River last week to keep the public involved in the planning process and to encourage comments and questions.
“We had great attendance,” said Kyle Stanfield, the company’s vice-president of Environment and Sustainability, noting 28 people dropped by the Rainy River open house last Wednesday while 75 attended the session Thursday in Barwick.
“People were very interested and asked plenty of questions,” Stanfield added.
He noted the company offered information regarding the permitting process, as well as the environmental assessment, which formally got started just two weeks ago and will take the next 24 months to complete.
Stanfield said the open houses allowed the company to share information, such as what the mine will look like and what the infrastructure will be, including Highway 600 re-alignment options and bringing in power from the 230 kV line some 16 km away.
“It’s really such a huge draw for investors of our project is the fact that it’s really shovel-ready, in a sense,” he remarked, referring to how close all the infrastructure is.
Stanfield stressed the public is encouraged to offer their input regarding what they think of the proposed mine, the open houses, and to comment on the draft Terms of Reference, which will guide the environmental assessment process.
“It’s essentially the template for how to write the environmental assessment, how to assess environmental effects, and how to ensure those effects are minimal as possible on the aquatic and surrounding environment, plant and animal life, and also the population in the area,” he explained.
He added the re-alignment of Highway 600 is something the company is working very closely on with the Township of Chapple.
“So these kinds of collaborative approaches to infrastructure, as well as environmental management, will be incorporated as the Terms of Reference is refined,” Stanfield explained.
The Terms of Reference will form the basis for the environmental assessment report, which is set to be completed and available for public review in the first quarter of 2014.
Rainy River Resources is expecting that the provincially-regulated Individual Environmental Assessment and the Federal Environmental Assessment will be co-ordinated so that if possible, only one environmental assessment document is prepared to meet both the federal and provincial requirements.
Comment forms were available at each open house, and people still are encouraged to provide feedback by phone at 1-807-622-8111 or via e-mail at
Comments on the draft Terms of Reference are required by June 16.
It is available for download at, and also is available for inspection at the company’s office in Emo or the public libraries in Fort Frances and Rainy River.
The Rainy River Gold Project is a proposed open pit and underground gold mine with related processing facilities and infrastructure to be developed within the Township of Chapple.
Following environmental assessments and approvals, the company is planning for construction to begin in 2014, with the mine opening in 2016.