Cancer fundraiser a cutting success

The Hair and Body Shoppe in Emo raised more than $6,200 at its fifth-annual “Cuts for Cancer” fundraiser during last weekend’s Spring Fever Days.
This year, the salon raised money for Shirley Allen of Barwick, who currently is battling breast cancer.
“We cut hair all day Saturday, [with] all proceeds going to Shirley and her family,” said Hair and Body Shoppe owner Bonnie Bender. “We also encouraged people to drop in and just make a donation if they weren’t able to get or wanting a haircut.”
Also, during the previous week, Stewart Firth, who benefitted from last year’s “Cuts for Cancer,” Glenda Grennier, a good friend and co-worker of Allen’s, and Allen’s son, Trevor, who lives in Sioux Narrows, had been collecting pledges to have their heads shaved Saturday at 5 p.m.
“At 5 p.m., we put three chairs outside and commenced the head shaving,” said Bender. “It was actually quite an emotional time—several friends, family, and supportive community members gathered for the shearing.
“Shirley, who has lost all her hair temporarily due to chemotherapy, removed her wig to have photos taken with the newly-shorn folks.
“A few people commented to Glenda that it was such a brave thing for her to do. Glenda’s response was that it’s not nearly as brave as those who have to battle cancer—it’s just hair and it grows back!” Bender added.
“It was so nice to see Stewart Firth participate, too,” Bender continued. “He says that he was so appreciative of what this community did to help him and his family last year that he wanted to return the favour and share the good feeling of giving to someone else.
“And, of course, Trevor’s coming from another community to participate was such a supportive gesture, too.”
Last year was the first time the salon chose to raise money for a specific local family directly. Previously, they had donated it to the Canadian Cancer Society.
The hairstylists who contributed their time for the whole day were Stacy Kelly, Diane Bonot, and Dorothy Taylor.