Buckle up, everybody. Or you could be in for an expensive ride

Press release

Having responded to 61 seatbelt-related fatalities on Ontario Provincial Police-(OPP)-patrolled roads in 2022 and nine so far this year, OPP officers won’t be interested in any excuses from unbuckled drivers and passengers as they conduct their Easter Long Weekend Seatbelt Campaign.

Drivers and passengers are reminded that everything in a vehicle, including unbuckled occupants, as well as your pets can cause serious injuries and death when involved in a road collision. A properly worn seatbelt that keeps you secured in your seat during a crash or vehicle rollover is one of the few things that can actually save your life.

“The life-saving benefits of wearing a seatbelt are irrefutable and remain your best chance of surviving a collision – consider your seatbelt your best line of defence, protecting you and the occupants of your motor vehicle. Please make those three seconds it takes to buckle up an important part of every road trip for you and your family,” said Thomas Carrique, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner

Solicitor General of Ontario Michael Kerzner is encouraging parents to double check their children’s seatbelts, booster and car seats. “We want everyone to keep safe and enjoy the holiday together,” he said.