Bring back the spring bear hunt

I’m in my 40s and I have never seen so many bears, or heard of so many bear sightings, in all my years until this summer.
The spring bear hunt was cancelled in 1999 due to the persuasive voice of animal rights activists.
These animal rights activists are very well-organized, well-funded, and tenacious. They truly believe in what they are doing, and are compassionate people.
However, the consequences of their accomplishments are starting to unfold. This summer, for instance, I was at an Ontario provincial park with a group of campers when we witnessed a brave bear come into the park.
Weeks before at that same park, a bear walk right into a screened-in tent during the day when someone was cooking.
Most recently, a bear attacked and killed a camper at another Ontario provincial park.
Now, I am not saying that if the spring bear hunt were reinstated, this fatal bear attack would not have occurred. However, this is a red flag, as well as all of the bear sightings in the province.
The newspaper ads regarding bear safety are excellent, and I praise the provincial government on its “Bear Wise” education campaign. However, there are far too many bears in Ontario, in my neighbourhood, and near my children’s schools.
The bear population has exploded! Not good or safe! And the many businesses in Ontario that catered to bear hunters have suffered a staggering economic loss.
Perhaps there was not a very strong voice back in 1999 to counter the animal rights activists. Well, I believe the voice in 2005 and beyond is stronger.
Make your voice heard. Bring back the spring bear hunt!
Take responsibility for your health and safety now. Take care of what you have! Safety—it starts with you!
Tyler J. Moffitt served with the OPP, and is a volunteer firefighter and emergency responder.