Board awards tender for new Mine Centre School

Peggy Revell

Pending ministerial approval, the Rainy River District School Board has awarded the tender to build the new Mine Centre School at a special board meeting here yesterday morning.
The tender was awarded to Finnway General Contractor in the amount of $5,981,640 plus HST.
Two bids were submitted to the board for the project, including the one from Finnway with a total base bid of $6,300,00 ($225,000 for demolition and $6,075,000 for net construction).
The other was from Manshield Construction Inc. with a total base bid of $6,577,000 ($225,000 for demolition and $6,352,000 for net construction).
Both tenders received were over budget for net construction. But following discussions with Finnway, its bid was reduced by $318,360 for an adjusted tender of $5,981,649 plus taxes.
Also yesterday, the board approved the Mine Centre School capital budget of $6,449,600­—bringing the whole project in under budget by $25,907 from the financing which it has received for building the new school.
Before construction begins on the new school, however, the board is waiting for the minister of education to sign and approve the tender­—delayed because the minister currently is on vacation.
In related news, construction of the new Robert Moore School here is winding down as the new school year approaches.
Construction of the new school—which will see students from both the old Robert Moore and F.H. Huffman under one roof—is on schedule, said Raymond Roy, the board’s manager of plant and operations.
Areas still being worked on include some of the exterior, landscaping, flooring, and millwork, Roy noted about the project, which began more than a year ago.
“It’s always hairy, it’s going to be last-minute,” he admitted. “But we knew the schedule was very tight.
“But the contractor has been working well with us, and trying to get everything done,” added Roy, noting the schedule has the new school being turned over to the board on Aug. 18.
“We’re definitely looking forward to completion,” he remarked.
Following completion of the new school, renovations will begin at the board offices, which are connected to the old Robert Moore School.
Demolition of the old school will follow that work.