Blue Green Algae has been confirmed in Dryden

Press release

A toxin-producing blue-green algae bloom has been confirmed in Wabigoon Lake in Dryden. The body of water was sampled and tested by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks. Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU) asks people to be cautious when using water from the lake in areas where suspect blue-green algae blooms have recently been identified.

Blue-green algae toxins can pose a health risk to people and animals when they are exposed to them in large amounts. Your health may be impacted when surface scum or water containing high levels of blue-green algal toxins are swallowed, contact the skin, or when airborne drops containing toxins are inhaled while swimming, bathing, or showering.

When blue-green algae blooms are present, it is important to avoid drinking the water, swimming, and using it for bathing or other household purposes. Residential water treatment systems may not remove toxins and should not be relied on during a bloom event. Do not boil the water, as this can cause an increase in toxin levels. Municipally treated water supplies can be used normally unless you are notified otherwise.

With the water in the region warming, there is an increased risk of blue green algae blooms. People and pets should avoid contact with water that has been recently impacted by a blue green algae bloom, is discoloured or has scum on the surface. If contact does occur, wash with soap and water or rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove algae.

It is recommended to wait at least two weeks after the bloom has disappeared before resuming the normal use of lake waters.

Post expires at 11:59pm on Monday September 20th, 2021