Band, singer to stage joint concert at ‘Grind’

Sam Odrowski

Thunder Bay-based folk rock band Greenbank will be joining forces with Winnipeg-based folk-country singer/songwriter Kevin Roy to take over From The Grind Up here this coming Tuesday.
Greenbank has had great success since the release of their newest album, “Glory Days.”
The album was released early last month and since its launch in early February, it has sat at number one on the Lakehead University (LU) Radio Top 30.
“We’re going to keep getting the record out there,” said Jimmy Breslin, singer and guitar player for Greenbank.
“It’s sitting at number one on LU Radio in Thunder Bay right now and it’s starting to chart in other campus radio stations across the country, so we’re hoping to keep that trend going.
“It was almost a full year in the studio, pre-production recording [the album], so we’ve been incubating these new songs for a long time and we are just really excited to get out there and play them,” he added.
Roy, meanwhile, remembers first meeting members of Greenbank while playing at the Trout Forest Music Festival in Ear Falls last year.
He recalled rocking out at a campfire jam when he first heard the band’s music.
“I was instantly hooked on these guys,” Roy admitted.
“They are super-talented singers, great harmonies, and they have amazing musicians to boot on, with Craig playing the keys and Jimmy on the guitar,” he noted.
Greenbank’s live performances are filled with crowd interaction, upbeat songs, stories of the road, and lot of laughs.
“We really try to be interactive,” Breslin explained. “We do a lot of joking around and talking with the audience.
“We try to make everyone a part of the show so we’re not just playing songs at them.”
Roy agreed, adding Greenbank really knows how to work the crowd.
“They’re really talented musicians and they have such an infectious energy about them,” he noted.
“It kind of makes everyone feel like part of the band and part of the music.
“I’m looking forward to seeing what they can bring to my sound and seeing what I can do for them,” he added.
Roy said he also enjoys infusing crowd interaction into his live performances.
“I like to tear down the boundary between the artist, the stage, and the crowd,” he reasoned.
“Whether I’m playing a festival or playing a house concert, the show will still feel like it’s going on in someone’s living room.”
Roy is excited to be co-headlining the show here with Greenbank.
“I would urge people to come out and experience what I experienced the first time I met them,” he enthused.
“I’m big fans of theirs and would love for more people to hear there music and hear what I’m writing about, as well.”
The upcoming concert at From The Grind Up will be Roy’s first time playing a show in Fort Frances.
“I’m really looking forward to getting out to Fort Frances with the Greenbank boys, and I’m really looking forward to meeting some new people and playing some music,” he said.
Greenbank said they’re equally excited to head here and play with Roy.
“It’s going to be a really great show,” Breslin said. “We’re going to have guaranteed laughs for the crowd.
“We’re pretty practised up right now and we are running pretty hot, so I think we are going to deliver a great performance for everybody who attends,” he pledged.
The concert starts at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $10 each, which can be purchased at the door.
“Coming out to support live music in the community is always a good thing,” Breslin said.