Anglers need to respect fish sanctuaries

In Ontario, fishing is prohibited in fish sanctuaries.
In order to ensure an enjoyable, trouble-free fishing experience, anglers should know and respect the fish sanctuary rules.
Different bodies of water, or parts of them, are declared fish sanctuaries at various times of the year. Others are year-round sanctuaries.
These sanctuaries allow us to protect certain fish species at their most vulnerable time—when spawning or protecting their nests.
To find out where sanctuaries are located across the province, review the 2005-06 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.
Fish sanctuaries are noted in the section titled “Exceptions to the General Regulations” that follows each fishing division’s general catch, possession, and open season regulations.
The summary is available from Ministry of Natural Resources district offices, licence issuers, and on the ministry’s website.