Accountant sets up new office in Emo

Peter Allison has plenty of years of experience as a certified management accountant—and now he’s sharing his knowledge in Emo after opening a new office there last month.
“I felt there was a gap here in Emo because there wasn’t a real accountant,” Allison noted, adding he also found he had maxed out his client base in Nestor Falls, where his office previously was located.
“It seemed a lot of people from Rainy River and Emo were having to go to Fort Frances.”
After having owned his own business in Nestor Falls since 1989, Allison moved to Kenora and opened an office there. Then he decided to move his Nestor Falls office to Emo.
“I had a good client base in Emo already,” he said. “It just made sense.”
The two offices are linked together through a network, so if Allison is in Kenora, he can see all the information of his Rainy River District clients there.
“It makes for a lot of driving, but that’s okay—it’s all the same business,” Allison remarked, noting he’ll be in the Emo office two days a week while having three staff members manning it on a full-time basis.
He purchased the residence at 22 Front St. back in November and had many months of planning, paperwork, and renovations to complete. He even had to have the property re-zoned to accommodate his business.
“It will do the job for a while,” Allison said of the building. “There’s still some fine-tuning to do, though.”
But if Allison wants to expand, he noted he might need a larger office. Although that would be a few years down the road.
“I don’t lose a lot of clients,” he remarked. “And I’ve always been busy, so I have to be careful I don’t get too busy.”
Allison provides accounting and bookkeeping services, as well as conducting personal income tax returns and business and corporate filings.
“I’m able to provide advice to businesses about how to be more profitable and how to make good business decisions,” he explained, adding he’s happy to have his new office up and running in time for tax season.
He also said his price for filing tax returns is very competitive, with a basic return costing about $70. There also are discounts for seniors and families.
“I think there is a need here, too, because of the farmers,” he added, noting with all the government programs available for farmers, they may need help filing their income tax return.
But Allison’s office in Emo will be open year-round and he indicated he’s already been welcomed into the community.
“I’ve had a really good response,” he enthused. “I’ve picked up some new clients within the month and I’ve had lots of good feedback.”
He feels confident the new location will be convenient for his clients and that, with his experience, he will be able to look after everyone.