Dance hall may come back to life

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

The Dance Community Hall may be coming back to life. If volunteers have anything to do with it, this will happen with a large amount of changes being done to the Hall.
This Hall was once a vital part of the Dance Township, and if things go as planned the Hall will be open year round.
Thankfully the Emo and District Lions Club have jumped on board to see this goal accomplished.
The volunteers will be applying for grants to help out with the cost. Fundraising will also be done, once the COVID restrictions have passed.
Listening some of the volunteers I could here the excitement in their voices as they have big plans to bring this hall back to life and offer many enjoyable events.

Welcome back home Mike Badiuk (son of Bob and Trudy) and his girlfriend Tasha Wood. Mike has taken a position at the Royal Bank and Tasha will be employed at Tribal Health. Here’s hoping you both enjoy your new surroundings!
Sadly there have been several deaths in the area.
Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Dave Christenson he will be sadly missed by his son Tyler and many other family members and friends.

Also passing recently was Gerald Shine, our community is sending caring thoughts and thoughts as you mourn your loss.

And most recently the passing of Darlene Bruce, thinking of her family and friends at this difficult time of loss.

The Emo Legion will be serving beer and burgers for $5 this Friday evening (October 23).

Robin’s 2 cents
Back in my childhood days many mothers constantly worried about the safety of their children.
Like especially the one who was rolling their eyes and talking back to her. (Sadly I was one of those kids.)