Readers weigh in on opioid crisis


A few weeks ago, we asked you to weigh in on the opioid crisis in our web poll. We offered a write-in option, and received several thoughtful replied.

We asked:

The opioid crisis is growing in our region, but there is a wide range of views on how to address it. What strategy do you feel would be most valuable to countering our growing drug crisis?

These are the write-in replies we received:

More counselling services, peer support counselling, early intervention programs.

Addiction and rehab services, along with safe housing/job assist. Safe injection sites need to be managed medically and socially. Due to homelessness, lack of transportation, insecure food, etc there’s a real need for medical/social/professional services to be right next door to whatever form of temporary housing to see an individual through their opioid crisis.

Some communities are combatting the crisis with more recreational opportunities for youth that will keep them active and connected to their community.

Do you have thoughts on our opioid crisis? Drop us a line or write a letter to the editor. You can send submissions to