Devlin events come to a standstill

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

With the COVID-19 restraints happenings have been cancelled throughout the entire district.

Just some I’ve recently heard of are the Emo Legion Branch #99 will close their club room and cancel all Legion events.

TOPS will not hold a meeting until April 13.

Another event cancelled is the retirement celebration for Dr. Whatley that was to be held at the Emo Legion on April 4. Dr. Whatley cancelled this last week, realizing it was the best thing to do, as even then news about the COVID-19 Virus was worsening.

There are many more activities cancelled. Please stay home as much as possible, avoid crowds and work together at this trying time.

A traditional naming and welcoming ceremony was held March 8.

This event was held to honour Ma’iingaanebinesilk, which means Rae Anne Wright’s tradition name is called Wolf Thunder Spirit. Grandma Della shared with me that this is a strong name for a little one.

Elder Dan Geyshick attended as well as parents Doug Wright and Steph Boshey and Rae Anne’s brother Maximus.

Also sharing this special day was grandparents Justin Boshey and Joyce Ottertail. Joyce’s husband Dan Belanger also attended.

Sadly grandparents Craig and Della McQuaker we’re unable to attend, but we’re there in spirit.

The event was held at Doug’s home and friends also attended. This event included a traditional feast.

Our community sends congratulations on this special event.

Last week I had an article regulating Edith Marsh (Heward) turning 100 years old. I mentioned many of her nieces attended. I failed to mention Edith’s sister Gwen Westover surprised Edith by attending this special occasion. Tears were shed as Gwen came out of hiding and hugged her dear sister.

Mildred Allan (another sister) lives in Emo. She will be 97 this year. Although not able to attend, I’m sure she was thinking of Edith and Gwen and wishing she was there to celebrate the 100th birthday of her sister.

Robin’s 2 cents

I asked a store worker, “Where can I find the nuts?”

He replied, “They’re in the toilet paper isle.”