Business taking COVID seriously

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

Hats off to many local businesses for practicing safe precautions with COVID-19.

Last week Devlin’s made a sign available for all customers stating “if you are not well please DO NOT ENTER!”

If you see more then a few vehicles out front, wait a few minutes to allow people their social distance. Stay safe!

Cloverleaf is doing an excellent job, directing customers and having people practice safe socializing. Also asking family members to step outside and only one per household.

Emo Feeds have placed a creative sign stating “6 FEET social distancing. One family member per house hold per visit.”

All three businesses are thanking customers for their cooperation.

I’m sure there are many other businesses throughout the district making their workplace as safe as possible. We all thank you for that.

The numbers for COVID-19 information are Local Public Health (NWHU) 274-9827. After hours 486-7109. Telehealth Ontario 866-797-0000 and Government of Canada (for COVID-19 info) 1-833-784-4397

SPRING FEVER DAYS are cancelled for Emo this year.

Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Janet Young. The community is sending prayers and comforting thoughts to her two daughters Michelle and Jody, and their families. Janet was a lovely lady, a kind soul and will be remembered by many.

I’m happy to report that Pat Hyatt’s doing well. Pat had intensive surgery earlier this year and her recovery was slow at the beginning. She’s improved a lot recently, and she’s back driving. Although some days aren’t great, she’s thankful that many are.

Congratulations to Jeff Hyatt on earning his Red Seal papers in carpentry. Jeff recently was away at school, wrote the test and passed.

Enjoy your new years of carpentry Jeff.

Robins 2 Cents

I’ll be the first to admit that toilet paper jokes are getting old but this one I find quite funny.

A six year old was asked if he understood why there is no school now.

Serious as heck was his answer, “Because they ran out of toilet paper.”

Hope it made you smile !