Council has full plate

Duane Hicks

Covering everything from rezoning to property standards, town council will vote on five bylaws at tonight’s regular meeting.
These include:

  • authorizing an agreement with Wayne George Grading Ltd. for the sale and removal of trees at the municipal airport;
  • amending the Traffic Control Bylaw to add stop signs at the southbound and northbound corners of Mowat Avenue and Church Street, making the intersection a four-way stop (these signs already have been erected);
  • amending the zoning bylaw to add “retail sales” as a permitted use for property at 1533 King’s Highway (the former Fort Rental building), which already was zoned as Highway Commercial (this will be a store run by Karen Melanson which sells slightly-used clothing);
  • amending the zoning bylaw to change zoning for 625 Nelson St., the property east of the Riverwalk Condominiums, from Residential Type 3 and Tourist Commercial to Residential Type 4 (to accommodate the possible future development of an apartment dwelling); and
  • approving the standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property within the municipality.

Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 6:45 p.m. It will be preceded by the committee of the whole, which will meet at 4 p.m. but is expected to remain in-camera until 6:20.

The in-camera portion of the agenda includes items regarding the Fort Frances Community Clinic, multiplicities of litigation regarding Pither’s Point and other land issues, a CUPE 65 grievance, potential property sales at 625 Nelson St. and McIrvine Road at Eight Street, and a library board appointment.

Other business at tonight’s regular meeting will include:

  • a public meeting regarding applications for tax adjustments for SM119 lots 58-70, Part River Parcel 37-2, and 533 Sixth St.;
  • a request from the Canadian Red Cross to proclaim March as “Red Cross Month” in the Town of Fort Frances;
  • an invitation to attend the Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition’s strategic planning session on Tuesday, March 31 at La Place Rendez-Vous;
  • an invitation to attend the “Community Chest” fundraising social on Friday, March 20 at the Memorial Sports Centre auditorium;
  • a letter from local residents Allan T. Bedard and William Krukoski regarding mill closures and related forestry issues;
  • an asbestos management survey and plan;
  • a request to purchase town property;
  • a request from the Rainy River District Music Festival Association;
  • a request from the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship; and
  • travel expense and per diem claims for Mayor Roy Avis, Couns. Ken Perry, Paul Ryan, and Rick Wiedenhoeft, and CAO Mark McCaig.