Colonization Road debate reaches committee


Debate on the renaming of Colonization Road hit the Fort Frances Planning and Development Committee this week.

The Committee was asked during the November 23 council meeting to study the issue and report back with recommendations. One option the committee will be bringing to the council table is a mail-out to all residents, which will include education on the topic and an opportunity for residents to weigh in.

“I think we need to come up with some really good criteria as to why this is such a big issue. This is a perfect time to do that,” said Mayor June Caul.

The recommendation could be presented to council as early as the December 14 council meeting. If approved, the mail-out could hit community mailboxes in late January or early February.

“I think the public, whichever side they happen to be on at this time, I think they will be appreciative of Council not rushing through this, and realize that we aren’t just going to shove it under a carpet and that we are going to keep at it,” says Caul.

Councillor Doug Judson, who introduced the topic at the last council meeting, feels the timeline is too long.

“This is going to really drag out if we start to do that because we’re then talking about the middle of February before this hits people’s mailboxes. You give them a month, we’re then in the middle of March. Then we’re into the summer probably before a decision is made by committee,” says Judson.