Clear snow

Dear editor:
Winter can be very icy and there are many ways to prevent it. [But] the streets are unacceptable, forcing people to go to big box stores instead of small businesses.
Imagine being in a wheelchair for a day and realizing it’s really not easy. Trying to get out of a car and being unable to because there are big icy snowbanks on the curb. Even in the handicap parking spots.
I want to support small businesses but I can’t because it’s actually limiting. Some small businesses I have to go to to get medication, but I have to get others to go for me.
Support workers advise you to be independent but I cannot be in the winter. This town has a large population of disabled and elderly people, so why not have it easier to get around?
Scott Street is a main attraction of Fort Frances. Clear the snow and make it appealing to the eye.
If little towns like Atikokan and International Falls can, so can we.
Nicole LePine
Fort Frances, Ont.