Christmas is coming up much too fast for me

Wow, time certainly is ticking away quickly now and I have very little Christmas shopping done yet.
Shopping is not my thing. It’s not that I’m cheap. I just don’t enjoy shopping and find no one truly needs much, so you tend to buy just to buy and that’s no fun!
I thought I could surprise my brother with Boston Bruin tickets in Minneapolis. But he was browsing the web and found out they were going to be there, and was planning to take Maddie and Marlee to their first NHL game, so I had to let the cat out of the bag.
Luckily, we were able to cancel the first two tickets and get four so the whole family could cheer on Boston together!
So no surprises for them now!
• • •
The “Guess the Weight” animal at the Emo Fair (“Nutmeg”) aborted last week. She did the same thing last year and I thought I would give her another chance.
Guess she isn’t meant to be a mama.
It was pretty much the same day as last year, too. She is a healthy animal, but just not able to carry a calf to full-term.
As such, she will be on the bus sometime in the New Year.
I also still have three cows with a sore foot. My oldest cow, “Nagano,” is the worst and still enjoying some pampering near the barn.
I’m shocked to still see this showing up at this time of the year. The cows are really digging into the mineral now, so I’m hoping there is something in there that will correct these problems.
• • •
I was able to get things organized and take the girls to the “Holly Daze” parade in Emo on Friday evening.
Before we left the school yard, Marlee told me that she wasn’t going to throw any candy and that when she saw Grandma, she was going to stay there and watch the parade.
Well, we just got going and saw a few kids. And once she tossed her first couple of packages of candy, she immediately changed her mind.
Alas, we were unable to get “John Deere” candy this year so we had to settle for some other fruit snacks.
As an aside, it is so nice that the parade route includes the hospital and both seniors’ homes.
• • •
My cattlemen’s meeting last week was in Peterborough and it rained the entire time I was there. They did not need the rain as there was water laying everywhere.
It was strange to see rain since we haven’t seen it here for a while.
Meanwhile, the meeting was quite upbeat and positive–mainly because beef prices are up and it sure makes people feel a lot better.
Let’s just hope things continue to be positive. It sure makes being involved in this industry a lot more enjoyable and affordable.
In related news, Rick Hobbs, a director for the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association, will be coming up to our annual meeting in January.
He said he’s looking forward to a tour of Rainy River District, although I told him to be come prepared for minus-40 weather as the week of our cattlemen’s meeting usually is the coldest of the year.
• • •
The RRCA directors and anyone who worked at the sales barn are invited to my house this Saturday (Dec. 10) at 7:30 p.m. for a Christmas party (spouses are welcome, of course!)
Now I just have to get my house decorated before everyone arrives!
We are all going to bring an appetizer and just chat about what a great year we’ve had!

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