Christmas gift ideas for the outdoors lover on your list

It’s something that has turned into an annual tradition for me—all my buddies’ girlfriends e-mail me wondering about Christmas gifts to get their loved ones who like to fish and hunt.
I’m actually getting pretty good at throwing options around, so here are my best ideas for this year for that person on your list.
If you know somebody who likes to fish bass tournaments, then they should have a good scale capable of weighing fish and keeping track of them. It saves an angler a lot of time over the course of a day during a tournament.
The 15-pound Rapala Tournament Scale is a touch screen model that I used this past season, and it was amazing how easy it is to use and how accurate it is.
It also has a convenient clip that you hold the fish with so you don’t have to put a hole in their mouth like older scales used to require.
Just think of it this way–more time fishing could mean more money in the bank! It’s a win-win for everybody!
For hunters on your list, you could look at getting them some Under Armour clothing. I know it’s more expensive than most other brands but there’s a reason: it’s the best.
Not only is the stuff super comfortable, but it will last a long time. I’m totally in love with the long underwear and have been wearing one of the outer suits this fall when I’ve been hunting.
You can’t go wrong with this stuff.
Another thing at the top of the list for any hunter is a trail camera.
Set off by motion, you set the camera up on a tree pointing somewhere that you think a deer, moose, or any animal might move through.
I have several trail cameras and have fun with them throughout the hunting season.
Getting back to fishing, with the ice-fishing season coming up, you can’t go wrong getting somebody hooked up with a flasher that they can use to watch their lure and see if any fish are under their hole while they’re fishing.
They are, in other words, a fish finder but they are very fun and really effective for improving catches during the ice season.
I use the Humminbird ICE 55 machine and I wouldn’t even go ice-fishing without it after using one for the past several years.
I know, we’ve all caught plenty of fish without these things for years. But I guarantee that you’ll catch more fish if you use one and you’ll have more fun while you’re sitting there jigging.
A great gift!
There are plenty of little things any angler can’t live without. Fishing line should be replaced at the start of every season so what better time than now to start getting stocked up.
We all go through plenty of jigs during the course of a season, whether we fish for bass, walleye, or pike.
Our lakes all have plenty of rocks on the bottom and we all get snagged from time to time and have to break our jigs off.
What about line clippers or pliers? A fresh set that is sharp and operates smoothly is always nice to have.
We have some great stores in the area that sell fishing tackle and equipment.
And if you’re unsure of what you want to purchase, these places will be able to provide some great insight and get you set up.
JB Tackle, Lakeside Mini-mart, and Figure 8 Baits in Kenora, as well as The Great Bear and Rainy Lake Sports in Fort Frances, all have a great selection of fishing gear to fill a stocking.
I know the folks at each of these places and I promise that they’ll give you great advice if you’re unsure of what to get.
Good shopping, everyone!

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