Cheer up, you’re in Canada!

Admittedly, our Christmas weather has not been any romp in the park. You might also admit that we’re now started on paying for a whole series of pleasant winters when those spending months in the south lands felt cheated while we stay-at-homes basked in the best and warmest times of our generation.
Now that we are finally back on normal footing with our fuel bills driving everyone nuts and wearing heavy clothing we didn’t need to throw away after all, what has been our main topic of conversation lately?
Nosiree Bob, it’s not been comments on the weather reaching my ears ad nauseam, as the Romans would say if they knew Latin. Rather, I’ve been listening to a different song for a change. It goes somewhat like this when you meet someone on our slippery sidewalks: “Isn’t it great to live in Canada?”
Well, Hallelujah!! and No fooling!
With a jittery stock market and the return of inflation attempting to overpower us financially, exactly what is it that inspires such rosy hallucinations? It’s much too soon yet for any onset of cabin fever which undoubtedly will strike later.
And not many of us are in line for millionaire inheritances, tax-free.
Yet I’m hearing from more than a few as the second year of our millennium rolls in that there is complete and unbounded confidence in our surroundings, come what may! (and you can expect our property taxes to keep climbing because of this attitude but so what?)
I’ll even pass on what one satisfied citizen told me as I left my bank before Christmas not knowing just what to expect there after the holiday.
He said his parents came from central Europe and he was always glad at this time of the year that he was not born where they came from because he might presently be hiding behind a rockpile to throw Molotov cocktails while Canada is such a peaceful place in comparison.
I’m sure his statement came from the heart, and I appreciated it as much that day as all the less expressive “Merry Christmas” greetings put together and they meant much to me also. Of course, I had special reason to be grateful for so much friendship this year since the lost of my wonderful wife in August.
I want everyone to realize my affection for this community, or as far as you can travel hereabouts, equals that of my mid-European friend for Canada generally–and we’re both lucky people to be able to make such statements.
At least once a year, such as right now, it doesn’t hurts to be patriotic and sentimental for a change, and then couple your Happy New Year greetings with a fervent God bless!

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