Cattle sale successful

Okay, I was stressed last week with the weather, so I won’t even tell you how I am feeling this week and with the forecast the way it is now.
Honestly, please refrain from telling me: “How great it is to have rain now!”
• • •
We had another successful cattle sale on Saturday! We sold 839 head for $1,063,870.53.
A smaller sale to start our fall run is sure nice to get us back in the swing of things again.
Most of these animals were yearlings that are off to a feedlot for some quick feed and then off to slaughter.
We did have some excellent calves but the next sale on Sept. 28 will see a large run of calves.
Once again, we thank everyone that supports our local sales barn.
We appreciate all the producers that bring us calves, all the truckers that are hauling the animals, all our staff and our leader, James.
We are one of the few producer owned and operated barns and we have a lot to be proud of.
One of our dedicated employees over heard a person that continually finds our faults saying, “At a real sales barn they would . . .”
We are, in fact, very real.
Staff give up their own time and at even take time off their real job to make things happen at our sales barn.
Keep up the good work, everyone–it is not unnoticed.
• • •
The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture has been putting pressure on Clean Farms for awhile now to not forget us in the Northwest when it comes to keeping our farms clean and safe.
Emo Feed is hosting a drop-off for unwanted pesticide and livestock and equine medications.
It will run from Sept. 9-20.
Thank to RRFA for making this happen and to Emo Feed for hosting.
It is a great chance to get rid of things in a very safe, clean manner.
• • •
I have mentioned this before as well but feel it is serious! We need staff at the abattoir.
We are currently at the busiest time of the year but unless we find more help, we are running the risk of cancelling days.
If you or someone that you know is looking for work, please get in touch with us.
• • •
So last week, because the forecast said we were going to have a few days of decent weather, we cut hay.
Big mistake because even on the days the sun was supposed to shine, we had rain.
I was crossing my fingers we could make some hay Sunday. The hay was as green as the day it was cut.
The forecast was calling for everyday rain, so my boyfriend/partner talked me into baling it and just trying to feed it to the bulls, cows, etc. get rid of it.
I told my friend what we were doing and within a few hours a wrapper appeared at my place.
I have never wrapped hay before. It is baled and wrapped now so I was hoping that would change the forecast and the sun would shine all week.
I can honestly say that I have the best friends and family.
I am on complete edge right now, so these things mean a great deal.
• • •
My fall worker is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday, Jenna!
My mom is celebrating her 70th birthday this week. She is a great mom and grandma.
Shane and I really lucked out with such a great, supportive mother.
Wishing her a great birthday and many more.
• • •
Psst! You are invited to a surprise 50th birthday party for Kim Jo on Saturday, Sept. 14 at 4:30 p.m. in her hayfield.
Call 482-2781 for directions.

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