The federal election, by the numbers

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA–Monday’s federal election by the numbers, according to Elections Canada:
•17,890,264: Number of Canadians who cast a ballot;
•4,774,963: Voters who cast a ballot in advance polls, or about 26.5 percent of voters;
•34,324: Canadians who voted by mail from abroad;
•65.95 percent: Preliminary estimate of voter turnout (not including voters who registered on election day);
•68.3 percent: Voter turnout in the 2015 federal election;
•17,711,983: Ballots cast in the 2015 election;
•72: Margin of victory for Liberal candidate Larry Bagnell in Yukon, the narrowest margin in a single riding; and
•49,408: In votes, the margin of victory for Conservative Damien Kurek in the Alberta riding of Battle River–Crowfoot, the largest in any riding.