The Canadian Press OTTAWA—The Dan Gagnier drag chute billowed out behind the Liberal campaign yesterday—giving Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair a badly-needed chance to catch up to the apparent front-runner, Justin Trudeau. Trudeau, however, gave as good as he got—at least as far as the Conservative leader was concerned—by amping […]

The Canadian PressKeith Leslie TORONTO—Ontario’s opposition parties say the Liberal government failed to keep its promise to cut auto insurance rates by 15 percent and call a mandated discount for winter tires “a gimmick.” The Liberals promised to reduce car insurance premiums an average of 15 percent by last August […]

The Canadian Press TORONTO—Electricity rates are going up again in Ontario starting Nov. 1. The Ontario Energy Board said the peak price for electricity—between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. and from 5-7 p.m.—will rise by 1.4 cents to 17.5 cents a kilowatt hour. The mid-peak price from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. […]

The Canadian Press MONTREAL—The federal government is “irresponsible and negligent” to have ordered a halt to the City of Montreal’s plans to begin construction work that would see eight billion litres of raw sewage dumped into the St. Lawrence River, Mayor Denis Coderre said yesterday. Coderre said Ottawa’s decision “makes […]

The Canadian PressBill Graveland WITHROW, Alta.—Three young sisters were playing in their family’s loaded grain truck when they became trapped and suffocated in a dense pile of tiny canola seeds that experts say would have swallowed them like quicksand. Thirteen-year-old Catie Bott, and 11-year-old twins Dara and Jana, were buried […]

The Canadian Press OTTAWA—Justin Trudeau mused yesterday about a majority government as his Liberals ride high atop polls that suggest they have the all-important momentum heading into next week’s election—a surge that has them squarely in the Conservative cross-hairs. As he has done all week, Stephen Harper spent his entire […]

The Canadian Press REGINA—There’s a leak at the seat of government in Saskatchewan—and the sergeant-at-arms wants it to stop. Patrick Shaw, who also is head of security at the Saskatchewan legislature, said three party bus companies have been pulling up in front of the building late at night and allowing […]

The Canadian Press EDMONTON—What started as a stop for not having a bell on a bike turned into almost 20 charges for an Edmonton man. Police stopped the 25-year-old for riding on the sidewalk and not having the bell. Police said he gave them a false name, so he was […]

The Associated Press LILLOOET, B.C. ‚Äî Police say a man has walked into an aboriginal government office in British Columbia and attacked the people there, leaving 10 injured, some critically. Police say the suspect was restrained when they arrived and died some time after the Wednesday attack. Michaela Swan with […]

By Maria Cheng The Associated Press LONDON Doctors have found that Ebola can linger in some male survivors for up to nine months but aren’t sure if that means they might still be infectious, according to new research. In a study of 93 men in Sierra Leone, scientists found the […]

The Canadian PressDean Bennett EDMONTON—The CEO of a group that runs several venues, including the NHL arena where the Edmonton Oilers play, is defending his decision to fire all its parking lot cashiers amid allegations of rampant theft. Tim Reid, of non-profit Northlands, said Friday that some of the 38 […]

The Associated Press NEW YORK—Playboy no longer will publish photos of nude women as part of a redesign of the decades-old magazine, according to a news report today. Executives for the magazine company told The New York Times that the change will take place in March. The paper reported the […]